Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hip! Hip! Hooray…….Tomorrow is the 100th Day of 1st Grade!

We have been counting since day 1 and have finally made it to 100!


I must say this is probably one of the most anticipated days of the school year! We will be celebrating the 100th way, all day long in Room 123!

Many thanks to everyone who sent in items to help make our celebration fun! (and tasty!)

Take a look at these 100 year old portraits……I only wish I had audio for you to hear the discussions among the children as they were creating their masterpieces.  Just imagine….

Firstie:  “Mrs. Wright, can we put glasses on him?”

Me:  “Sure!”

Firstie’s Friend:  “He doesn’t need glasses when you turn 100 your almost blind.”

Firstie’s Other Friend: “No, that’s not right, your almost blind when your about 50.”

Firstie: “I’m not going to use anything for hair, when your 100 you really don’t have any.”

Firstie’s Friend:  “Yea you do, my Maw Maw gets her hair done all the time and she is past 100. I know cause we have to pick her up every time.”

Oh friends I could go on and on! This is only one of the reasons I love these children and my job.  There is never a dull moment!

Now on to learning…….



Can’t wait to read all of our 100th Day Books!

Our focus letter this week is /l/ as in letter. (Our poem has to do with “Letters in the Laundry.)  Our writing jobs will be about all things February…… love, Abe Lincoln, writing letters.

Word Wall Words ~ let, likes, said, like, ride, wanted, will & who.

At this point in the school year all word wall words should be read without hesitation.  If you have not already now is the time to start practicing spelling sight words.  Also, please make sure your sweet little firstie is reading each night.  They should be taking a minimum of three AR tests each week.  It is their responsibility to let me know when they are ready to take a test.  I am always available to assist any who may need some additional help reading questions and answer choices.  It is also their responsibility to let me know when they need to go to the library.  Sometimes they “forget” until 10 minutes left in the school day and it is too late.  Please help me by encouraging your little one to read their book three times and take an AR test.  If you have any questions I will be glad to answer them. 


We will finish up Chapter 13 tomorrow (if everything goes as planned) and test on Tuesday.  This chapter has included sums to 12 as well as adding 3 numbers.  Please make sure you are using your practice workbook at home and reviewing the day’s lesson that comes home in your child’s take home binder.  At this point in the school year simple addition and subtraction facts should be memorized.  Be sure you are continuing to practice using flash cards each night, especially if your little one still wants to use their fingers.   Math Facts in a Flash seems to be back on track, let me know if you are experiencing any problems at home.

We will begin Chapter 18 on Wednesday.  This chapter includes doubles, and doubles plus 1 along with addition of sums to 20.  As you can tell we are moving right along that is why I want the children to have a solid foundation of their simple addition and subtraction facts.


No new rule this week. The children really seem to enjoy our new format of DOL.  On Monday and Wednesday we continue our DOL as we have all year.  On Tuesday and Thursday we complete a morning message together.  It is like a letter that I am writing to the children and they complete parts of it.  The message always has to do with what we are learning in school.  After they complete the message they illustrate part of it.  This week we will begin doing these in our Morning Message notebooks, so they will remain at school.  The children will bring them home monthly to share with you.  On Friday we will continue to have DOL taken as a grade.  The sentences will come from Monday and Wednesday.  Let me know if you have any questions.


Nancy's Italian Ice is Monday for $1.00.

PTA is this Tuesday at 6:00. Come attend the "Around the World" at Blount.

In Friday's folder yearbook information went home. Please be sure and label any money you send in.

Information about our “lovely” Valentine Party will be coming home this week along with a list of all the “Sweeties” in our class.

Have a wonderful week!


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