Sunday, May 10, 2009

May 11-15, 2009

Wow, 13 days left!!! We've really worked hard this year and I believe that a good foundation has been laid to be built upon in the coming years. We will be continuing to review all skills for the next 10 days. This is going to be such a busy and fast month, but my hope is for the children to hang in there together as we finish up a long year of learning. I anticipate everyone to be exhausted and eager to see the summer, but I still expect everyone to do their very best AND listen and obey!!!!!

Just a reminder!!!!
Although we are winding down and we are all ready for summer, we are still in school and learning is still taking place in Room 119! PLEASE encourage your child to remember the rules, listen and follow directions and do what they know is right. It will be easy for conduct grades to drop a during these last few weeks of school.

Library Books
Beginning this week children will only be able to check out one book. ALL BOOKS WILL BE DUE BACK ON FRIDAY, MAY 15TH. Search under the bed and in the car for any books that need to be returned by Friday. Mrs. Willingham will begin to inventory the books. Lost or damaged books will need to be paid for.

I administered the STAR test in the classroom. Every child made gains and increased their ZPD. This test will be a good indicator of their reading level so that you can help your child choose books from the library for summer reading. Look for reports to be sent home this week. Our class did a GREAT job on DIBELS. You will be as proud as I am of their hard work. These reports will be sent home with report cards.

We have just about covered all the language rules listed in your child's notebook.
We will still continue to review all previous rules we have covered this year.
We are back to addition and subtraction strategies and will concentrate on math fact drills with flashcards and timed math facts drills. Two-Digit Addition and Subtraction is coming up.

Students will be given a list of words to copy and take home for the next two Mondays and the Tuesday after Memorial Day. Students will be expected to practice these words each night in preparation for the assessment given on each Friday. They will have an activity to complete in class each day leading up to Friday!

Monday - Copy words and "rainbow write" words

Tuesday - Put words in ABC Order and choose at least five to use in a sentence.

Wednesday - Copy sentences choosing the best word to fill in the blank

Thursday - Choose and copy a sentence that best matches a given picture

Friday - Spelling test

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, May 13 - Guest Zoo Speaker
Monday May 18 - Honors Day @ 8:15 in the lunchroom
Monday May 25 - Memorial Day/No school
Thursday May 28 - last day of school for students

As always, let me know of any questions or concerns. I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!


One, two, whatever you do, start it well and carry it through!

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